DVDBuilder for C++  3.4
DVD Authoring Software Development Kit
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NprimoTop namespace for all libraries developed by Primo Software Corp
 NdvdbuilderDVDBuilder(tm) Application Programming Interface
 NVRVideo Recording Namespace
 CFileSystemDeviceConfigThis interface configures an Hdd device used for DVD video recording
 COpticalDiscDeviceConfigThis interface configures a burner device used for DVD video recording
 CTitleThis interface is used to get information about a particular DVD-Video title
 CTitleEnumThis interface is used to enumerate all DVD-Video titles in a recording
 CVideoRecorderThis interface represents the DVD video recorder and is used to carry out the DVD recording
 CVRDeviceThis interface represents a virtual device used as a storage of a DVD video recording
 CVRDeviceListThis interface is used to add/remove devices to the VideoRecorder instance
 CVRDevicePluginThis interface creates the video recording devices used by VideoRecorder
 CDVDBuilderThis interface provides methods that enable an application to build a DVD video file structure
 CDVDBuilderCallbackThe DVDBuilderCallback interface is implemented by the application to receive status information from the DVDBuilder object
 CErrorInfoDescribes a DVDBuilder error
 CInputDataStreamFactoryThe InputDataStreamFactory interface is a class factory for creating and destroying DataStream objects
 CSubpictureEncoderDVD subpicture stream encoder
 NlicenseDefines common license constants and interfaces used in Primo Software libraries
 CLicenseInfoProvides information about the current license state of the library
 CReferenceBase class for all objects that require reference management