DVDBuilder for .NET  3.4
DVD Authoring Software Development Kit
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CFileSystemDeviceConfigThis interface configures an HDD device used for DVD video recording
 COpticalDiscDeviceConfigThis interface configures a burner device used for DVD video recording
 CTitleThis interface is used to get information about a particular DVD-Video title
 CVideoRecorderThis class represents the DVD video recorder and is used to carry out the DVD recording
 CVRDeviceThis interface represents a virtual device used a storage of a DVD video recording
 CVRDevicePluginThis interface creates the video recording devices used by VideoRecorder
 CDVDBuilderThis interface provides methods that enable an application to build a DVD video file structure
 CDVDBuilderContinueEventArgsProvides data for the DVDBuilder.OnContinue event
 CDVDBuilderProgressEventArgsProvides data for the DVDBuilder.OnProgress event
 CDVDBuilderStatusEventArgsProvides data for the DVDBuilder.OnStatus event
 CErrorInfoDescribes a DVDBuilder error
 CInputDataStreamFactoryThe InputDataStreamFactory interface is a class factory for creating System.IO.Stream objects
 CLibraryInitializes DVDBuilder and manages license information
 CSubpictureEncoderDVD subpicture stream encoder